What are the things you cannot change in your partner

They say that when a man marries a woman, he thinks, “She’s the one I’ve been waiting for. She’ll never change.” – but she always does. When a woman looks at her man, she thinks, “He just needs a little work; after we are married, I’ll help him change” – but he never does.
Most of us see our partners through our idea of what we think they are, rather than seeing them as they are or as they see themselves. This is the problem: when you decide to change your partner, you demonstrate your desire your image of them to take place.
Engage your partner with curiosity; forget judgment and you will discover a whole new world. So, if you want a great relationship, you have to let your partner be what they are.
Your frustration with your partner is a denial of reality. The deepest form of suffering is the denial of reality and the greatest denial of reality is denying the reality of the person you
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