The Bulgarian Mission – The Benedictine sisters in Zarev brod, Bulgaria

With the start of the Bulgarian independence movement in the 18th century this also set in motion a reverse immigration of Bulgarians living in Wallachia.  Prince Ferdinand von Coburg-Gotha became regent in 1887 and finally attained full sovereignty of his kingdom in 1908.
Prince Ferdinand sent colonists in the German settlement regions of south-eastern Europe and Russia.  Many German families followed his appeal and travelled hundreds of kilometres into an uncertain future.
The entire settlement process lasted over a decade.  By 1899, 117 families had already settled in Zarev Brod (Or Enidje/ Ensche).
As already mentioned, the settlement process stretched out over a considerable number of years.  Not all of the prospective settlers had the necessary initial capital, so some settled in the “Chifliks” (estates) and cultivated the land as half-share farmers (Halbscheidbauern).  Eventual
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